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  • STAtech Concurrency API

Concurrent Software Testing Automation

Our software testing automation product aims to expose software errors related to the concurrent systems.

Our product is capable of revealing easily concealed order related errors as well as well-known concurrent system errors such as Deadlocks and Race Conditions. According to acedemic papers on the subject, order related errors constitute 33% of concurrency related software bugs.

Although, exhaustive testing is required to uncover a software system's errors, the complexity of Concurrent Systems renders Exhautive Testing useless. In order to test a concurrent system, practically infinitely many tests should be performed. This infeasibility problem makes our solution perfect for exposing concurrency related software errors.

Contact us to find out more about our solution and how to incorporate our product into your IT infrastructure.

Bytecode Instrumentation

STA Technology's Concurrent Software Testing Automation product consists of multiple components. One of these component's is the Java Bytecode Instrumentation System. The instrumentation system powers Legacy Software Reengineering System

Legacy Software Reengineering System allows you to modify your legacy systems and incorporate additional functionality, while complying to Aspect Oriented Programming paradigm.

STAtech JVM Extensions

Modify your execution environment for security & performance.

Contact us to find out more about how to incorporate JVM Extensions to your system.

STAtech Concurrency API

Concurrency API is STA Technology's Concurrent Software Testing Automation system's spin-off product.

Let us improve your concurrent programming experience. Check out the site later for more info, JavaDoc and API collection.